My Brainchild to Return the MonkeyLoader to Market Market

As a Trustee of the Game and Wildlife conservation trust, you  would not be surprised to learn that Hugh Oliver-Bellasis has  been a lifelong shooter. Throughout he has defied  convention, using canvas loading tubes as a distinctive  alternative to a cartridge belt.   Now, passionate about sharing the benefits of the loader,  Hugh is fulfilling his ambition and produced "the ‘best made,  fastest and easiest loader there is" MonkeyLoader or known  as the Monkey™

Ever Ready Cartridge Carrier or MonkeyLoader TODAY

Years ago and despite initial scepticism, shooters quickly  cottoned on to the benefit of this simple and reliable design  keeping paper cased cartridges dry and easily carried.  75  years later having modernised the existing design the  MonkeyLoader is here. Shooters scepticism remains but the advantages endure.

Hugh Oliver-Bellasis

The Everready Cartridge Carrier

The MonkeyLoader in action

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust - GWCT

The rejuvenator of the Monkey™ has been a Trustee of the GWCT since the '80's.  He has been involved in research helping to develop Conservation Headlands and Beetle Banks.  Thus Monkey™ Loader decided to support the Trust which has done outstanding work over many years.  Monkey™ is one of 12 sponsored GPS tagged woodcock.  The Project aims is to establish where these birds breed; is the habitat secure there?  Watch as for their return in early winter.